16 October 2016 / Club News

Gower Derby

After speaking to South Gower in the week to explain our predicament, South Gower kindly sent a team without their 8 district players. All their squad were still playing at under 11's level not under 10's and so it was still going to be a challenge. We also had 2 players play their first match with us after only one training session, a Big Fall Bay welcome to James & Rosie. So it was always going to be an uphill struggle - and so it proved.

A special mention must go to Freddie who put in some immense tackles, Nathan who again took 3 scrums against the head, and our forwards who, although they are ALL playing a year up managed to keep up with a very well-drilled South Gower side. Although the match should have been called after South Gower's 10th try, ALL our players wanted to see out the 40 minutes with no exceptions. Again, as coaches, we cannot believe how much gumption this group has after what they've been through. Even with injuries, Cameron & Kymon were desperate to keep going and get back on the field. Well done!!

Obviously though, it wouldn't be good for morale if we didn't start putting together some real performances and start putting points on the board again. So far this season, we have faced sides who have all under 11's and bigger subs' benches than we can dream of. SO....

As a coaching team we are trying to recruit as many new players as we can. Ideally we would like to be like South Gower, who have full books at ALL age groups (25 squad members) per age group. They tell us they are turning players away due to full books!!! So can all players, families and friends reach out to any children at under 11 & under 10. We currently have 6 players at under 11, and 9 at under 10. Ideally we need an extra 10 under 11s and 5 under 10s, so get recruiting!!

As a long-term plan, Fall Bay now have a rugby coaching presence at Llanrhidian school, but we need as many Tag age players from Knelston & Llanrhidian to feed the club.

Here are some of the other long-term measures we are taking to fill gaps in the coming years -

1. We have petitioned against Scurlage surgery issuing any kind of birth control.

2. Destroying all prophylactic machines in pubs around Gower.

3. Singles nights, every night at South Gower Sports Club (free Prosecco / Coors Light).

4. We are speaking to PC Phil Davies and PCSO Andy Brown about making playing football in the Gower area a criminal offence.

Just to re-iterate, we may not have had the results, but we are certainly building kids with great character and immense belief.

Really, REALLY Proud of the team - Richy W

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